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Smart Startups Outsource their Blog to a Blog Writing Service

Scott Yates
December 26, 2012

If you’re a startup doing business in Denver (or anywhere else for that matter), we want to introduce you to an idea whose time has come: outsourcing your blog to a blog writing service.

A blog writing service allows businesses a unique opportunity to market their small business via one of the internet’s most popular social media vehicles today: the blog.

According to 2012 blogging figures:

  • There are 42 million blogs on the internet
  • 329 million people view a blog each day
  • There are 500K new blog posts each day
  • 60% of businesses have a company blog
  • There are an estimated 31 million bloggers in the U.S.

While blogging may have originally started as a type of online diary where individuals shared their personal (sometimes intimate) thoughts, more than 20 years later it has become not only a vehicle for self-expression, but a marketing tool for many businesses. That’s why we started Blogmutt.

Our founder, Scott Yates, is an award-winning writer with a background in business having been part of two other successful startups. This provides him with a unique understanding of writers and a keen eye for business.

We understand that your business wants to jump on the blogging bandwagon, but there isn’t always enough time in a week to write content that communicates your brand in a voice that is sophisticated and interesting. That’s where Blogmutt can help.

Whatever your entrepreneurial focus -- tech, design, marketing, real estate, social causes – Blogmutt has writers who can tailor your blog post to your specific needs. Sign up today and leave the writing to us.

Editors Note: I love it when I learn new things from a blog post that's going on my own blog! I had no idea that 60 percent of businesses have a business blog. We serve hundreds of them, but not yet millions. Anyway, this is another great example of a BlogMutt post. (Here's an explanation of this series of posts.) - Scott

Scott Yates

Scott Yates



I spent years as a writer and editor, and wrote a nonfiction book before starting BlogMutt with Wade back in 2011. I love words, and I love working with the amazing staff and dedicated writers of BlogMutt who also love words, and know the power that they have. Also, this quote: "I love deadlines," Douglas Adams said. "I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."

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