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Using a Crowd for Your Business Blogging Service?

Scott Yates
December 10, 2012

Ever heard of crowdsourcing? You probably have, even if you don't know the word. In a general sense, every time you throw a project to your team for "brainstorming," every time you take a vote to decide what to get for lunch, every time change your stock or your service because of what the public wants -- you're crowdsourcing.

Business owners do it all the time, maybe even without thinking - and for good reason. It's fast, responsive, saves time and money, and often yields the simplest or most creative solutions to problems.

How Jelly Beans Can Help you find a Business Blogging ServiceIn a more specific sense, crowdsourcing is when a group of people take the place of an "expert" to handle complicated jobs. Wikipedia is one example, or the classic example of a group of people trying to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar.

Crowdsourcing clearly works, so why not put the crowd to work for you on one of your thorniest problems, the problem of how to find a business blogging service?

Here at BlogMutt, we offer you a great deal. You hire us, and we'll have our team of writers fill up your company's blog with tailored content suited just to your needs. It doesn't matter if you're an insurance salesman, an independent iPhone developer, or a Fortune 500 company. Our "mutts," as we affectionately call them, will team up and lovingly craft individualized blog posts for you and only you. And since you get final approval over all the content, you know that everything will be just as you want it.

Our writers come from every sort of background, and have expertises as far-ranging as you can think of. You run a company that sells specialized electrical and battery equipment? We've got you covered. You have a business doing web design? Our people get that. Pet Products? B-I-N-G-O!!!

The best part is, you decide how we write your blog. If you want it topical and newsy, we can do that. Or if you prefer, we can make it promotional and product-focused. We can do light and airy pieces, or corporate-style bullet points. You tell us, and we'll do it for you.

The Internet is a big place -- a giant crowd of people, if you will, all talking and listening and sharing and learning. Why not use that to your advantage? Let us, and the Internet, do some of the work for you. Running your business is hard enough - let the crowd take care of the content.

If you have questions about whether Blogmutt is right for you, please contact us and let us give you some answers.

Editor's Note: Nice post. Solid. And most importantly: Done! Is this the best post on my blog? Probably not but it sure is better than having an empty blog, especially in December. All the smart B2B operators know that if you want to do well in January, you need to blog in December. If you want to get your blogging done, please check out BlogMutt today. And see here for an example of this series. Thanks! -- Scott

Scott Yates

Scott Yates



I spent years as a writer and editor, and wrote a nonfiction book before starting BlogMutt with Wade back in 2011. I love words, and I love working with the amazing staff and dedicated writers of BlogMutt who also love words, and know the power that they have. Also, this quote: "I love deadlines," Douglas Adams said. "I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."

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