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BlogMutt Freelance Writer Spotlight: Sherilyn Moore


This June, we're happy to highlight a talented and compassionate member of the BlogMutt community with our freelance writer spotlight. Sherilyn Moore has been a small business owner and a teacher; she has volunteered her time feeding the homeless and now spends her time writing content and homeschooling her two boys. 

Sherilyn started writing for BlogMutt back in 2015 and she's quickly closing in on her 1000th post. She's a preferred writer for a whopping 168 unique content subscriptions managed by 43 different businesses.

sherilyn moore headshot

Here's a snapshot of Sherilyn's BlogMutt stats:

  • Time with BlogMutt: 2 years, 6 months
  • Total posts sold: 861
  • Top industries: Marketing & advertising, real estate, home repair & maintenance
  • Expertise: Inbound marketing, small business, HVAC, education, Christianity

Sherilyn holds degrees in both writing and communications and belongs to our small, but growing team of HubSpot Certified writers. While she often uses her inbound marketing know-how to create lead-driving content for our clients in the marketing and advertising industries, Sherilyn also has some other tricks up her sleeve.

For example, Sherilyn co-owned a small heating and cooling company for several years, handling payroll, taxes, and customer service for the small, family-owned business. "I like writing for small businesses," she says,  "...because I understand where they’re coming from."

Here are just a couple of the HVAC and small-business-themed topics that she has tackled recently:

  • How do you know if your HVAC contractor is doing a good job?
  • A guide to preventative maintenance that will make your heating system last longer
  • How CPA services can benefit small businesses
  • Simple tax deductions for your small business that you might not know about
  • A comparison of bookkeeping softwares and apps for small businesses (Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Xero, and Zoho)

Like most writers, Sherilyn also has a wealth of experience in fields that range far from her professional career. She recently completed a 2,000-word downloadable e-book about how RTOs (Registered Training Organizations) in Australia can create better programs and increase student completion rates. So, how much does she know about education?

A lot, it turns out.

Sherilyn homeschools her two boys and has worked as a substitute teacher, as well. She's deeply familiar with the needs of students in non-traditional education settings, including students with special needs. With a few particulars about the Australian system provided by the customer, Sherilyn was off to the races.

matt tractractor

Sherilyn's two sons on their tractors

As a content creator, Sherilyn says that "writing is part logic, part creativity." 

"I am a person that doesn’t just want to know what but I really want to know why. I’ve always been this way... My dad used to call me "the question box" when I was a little girl, and I guess I haven’t changed."

Once you understand the topic, Sherilyn continues, you have to understand the people:

"I think understanding people is important in writing, because we are writing for and to people. So, it follows that the more we understand what moves, motivates, thrills, or upsets them, the better we can present our ideas to them... Some clients want their posts to sound important. Others want them to sound 'down to earth.' Other people want to be considered funny. I think as you get inside people’s minds, then you have a better chance at giving them what they want in your writing..."

And Sherilyn is definitely the type of person who knows how to empathize with and understand other people. Her compassion for others shines on our forum and many a new writer will tell you that she has helped and encouraged them to succeed in their writing career. 

Sherilyn volunteered a great deal of time with a homeless ministry in Washington D.C. and she says that the work made a big impression on her. She packaged bag lunches and delivered them all over the city to places where needy people were gathered. For nearly two years, she says, she did this work alone, sometimes bringing along her two kids.

"I didn't only give them food," she said, "but offered them a time of Bible reading, "speaking," and prayer." She never had a negative experience with this work, and says that even in the rougher parts of town, people were kind and grateful for the help. 



"After doing it for several years, it changes your perspective about the homeless... I determined that helping even a handful of people is relevant. When you think of how many homeless people there are in D.C., we probably helped only a fraction of them. But it didn't matter. Each individual person is so important. You never know where that person is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually... The worth of one person is priceless."

Today, Sherilyn says that her two boys take up nearly all of her time, though she still loves to read whenever she can slip in a quiet moment. She and her boys attend church regularly, along with all of the associated picnics and gatherings, and the whole family is looking forward to a trip out to the ocean this summer.

They're joined at home by Maggie, shown below in her native habitat:


Thanks so much to Sherilyn for being such a wonderful part of our community! We love getting to work with you and your kindness and positivity on our Writer's Forum truly make BlogMutt a better platform. 



As Manager of Writer Operations and Data at BlogMutt, the best part of my job is working with — and for — a nationwide community of content creators. As a former freelance writer myself, I believe in the power of flexible, online work to create opportunity for people whose lifestyles don't fit the traditional mold. Outside of the office, I spend every spare minute in the mountains: skiing, splitboarding, rock climbing, ultra running, thru-hiking. The farther, the higher, the faster, the better.

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