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Don't Need Blog Posts? How & Why BlogMutt Writers Can Still Pitch In


Need something other than a blog?

Of course you do! There's a good chance you—whether an agency or small businesscould benefit from varied content. Yes, we know the word "blog" is half of our company name, but it's also a bit misleading.

As a company rooted in content crowdsourcing, we've graduated from supplying a few dozen companies with just blog posts in 2012 to answering the diverse content needs of more than 1,200 agencies and companies around the world today. Yep, that's rightwe have customers all around the globe and we are already providing many with multiple forms of content. Blog posts are great, but they alone cannot comprise a successful content strategy as they once did.

As competition increases on the web for the attention of your audiences it's becoming less about how much noise you make, and more about how—and how oftenyou are putting yourself out there. A blog is a blog is just another blog some days. While we do not doubt the effectiveness of having one, we also would never downplay the importance of going out on a limb, or in this case, multiple limbs in terms of other content endeavors. 

And here’s the best news. You don't have to go anywhere to make this happen. We at BlogMutt can do it. All of it.

We provide a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to sign up and get content coming your way without you having to provide much more than some guidance to the writers—no outlines required, no need to write it yourself first, and you won't have to think of keywords (unless you want to!). Some of our customers provide no more than three words and a link to something they like, and voila, they receive content and are happy to crank on autopilot.

However, as with blog posts, other types of content, or life in general, it's often the case that you get out of something what you put in. We're not here to tell you there's no work on your part, but we do believe our system will work splendidly for you with the right prompts and a healthy dose of letting the BlogMutt magic unfold before you. 


In the meantime, we want to arm you with some actionable specifics and concrete customer examples who have found success in securing these different types of content with BlogMutt. Take note!


Social Media Posts

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is—it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

- Scott Cook, co-founder, Intuit

Social media is everywhere, but it doesn't mean it's effective for every company that uses it. Why? Have you ever visited a Facebook page and wondered if the place was even still in business, or if they had anyone doing their marketing, because their last post was from 2015? These companies abandon their social media efforts because they either don’t have someone who can write for this particular audience or they don’t see its value. But it’s therethe value! And if you don’t believe us, then ask yourself how many compelling stories or calls-to-action did you hear about first via social media versus traditional media or any other outlet? Or, how much content today lives and breathes on social media?

The answer is a whole lot. Where is your company with its social media strategy?

Keep in mind that social media content does not always have to be just a few sentences for your Facebook status or a tweet on Twitterand it shouldn't be just this if you want real results and lasting long-term engagement form your fans and followers. Be creative! Let social media be the place you share your company bios, official announcements, up and coming projects, or even opinions about links you share.

All are blurbs that can be combined into a topic description with BlogMutt and get our writers busy. :)

Press Releases

This form of getting the word out has been around far longer than social media. In knowing this, you might not give it much thought. However, they are still highly effective when written well and with noteworthy information. But like everything else, they take time.

Why not let us handle this as well? Just one month ago a new customer signed up and then asked us during her demo if we could do press releases for her public relations firm. Because people in PR firms know what these need to look like for their clients, she was able to effectively write a perfect topic description with a model press release to get this in just a matter of days from our writer pool. 

Still aren't convinced you could use a press release, or not sure if they are effective? Maybe you have heard mixed information about them. Read for yourself how press releases can still benefit your company.


Video Scripts

I bet you didn't see this one coming! Or maybe you did. At any rate, we have done numerous video scripts. Wait, I know you might be thinking, "My company doesn't do videos because it's time-consuming and expensive." So did we! But then we did one, and man, we’ll never be the same. There is a lot of power in visual communication, and it all starts with an idea and the words in a script.

Video technology has made it a far more viable option today than it was 10 years ago. Those fancy Super Bowl commercials, how-to online videos, news shows you watchthey all use video scripts, which serve a crucial role for production. Guess what? Somebody has to write them! If we are already creating other content for you then let us keep the ball rolling and write your video scripts as well.

An agency in Australia recently contacted us to find out if we could do video scripts for a client of theirs. Based on their subscription word count and what was needed, we came up with a plan to work with them and a few writers who we thought would excel at it. Our customer loved the end product, and all they did was ask.

White Papers

Much like video scripts, white papers are less common than blog and social media posts, but they can be incredibly useful for your marketing plan.

Many of our writers enjoy writing white papers, and you should love this fact. After all, white papers can complement your other marketing efforts, and maybe even be the star, depending on your industry and the complexity of your topics. The benefits of white papers are many, and we understand that writing them takes time you simply don't haveor, maybe you just don't have the person to write them.


We have been receiving more and more requests for e-book content as of late. While it may seem a bit daunting at first to have people you don’t know write this, know that we have done them with considerable success. Just reach out to us with the details and we’ll get cracking on finding well-qualified writers for your needs. One of the greatest parts about working with BlogMutt for this is that once you have a writer you like, we will work to make sure that writer sticks with you for the duration of your projects.

Consistency is key for these longer types of content needs. We understand this.  

Web Content

Are you setting up an e-commerce site, by chance? Aside from the products you sell you’ll need a good amount of content to properly describe each of your products. Think these don’t matter to your customers? They do! You may never know about a lost sale because people aren’t going to write and tell you you have bad product descriptions, they’re just going to shop elsewhere. E-commerce competition is fierce out there. To stay in the game you will need to make your product descriptions a part of your content strategy.

How about your landing page? This is the first thing potential customers will see during their internet searchbest to make a lasting impression, or least one that will keep them on your site. You don’t want a poor or nonexistent landing page to be the reason they go elsewhere. We can provide writers who can create new content or revamp older material that needs updating.


Final Comments

While there are many ways to diversify your content with one or more of the above, it's worth trying new things out. While we realize it is yet another thing you have to write a good topic description for, you should know it's not much different than what you are doing now.

In other words...there is a common factor.

How are they the same?

Just as you do for your topic descriptions now, you have to pretend you are the coach in order to give proper guidance to your writers.

Have an exact word count? Say so.

Have interesting resources to reference or include? Add them the same way you do for your blogs.

Do you need this soon? Make it clear there is a deadline in your topic description.

How are they different?

The only thing that's different is that they aren't what your writers are used to seeing, and you're not likely accustomed to writing topic descriptions for them as you have for your other content. The important thing to consider is the nuances of your new type of content and how it differs from blogs.

Think of this example. If a physical therapist gave you the same routine to do for weeks, and then two months in, changed things up suddenly, you might be somewhat taken aback. He or she would need to explain this to you, but not necessarily start over as if you don't know each other. The same applies for your relationship with BlogMutt. 

At the end of the day we are proud of the many customers whose blogging needs we have executed on with our small, spirited team and our large crowd of eager writers. Blog posts are still our main course here, but our writers are equipped to write new types of content for you to think bigger and reach wider for your varied content strategies.



Like most writers and editors I developed a fascination for words during my childhood, which ever since then and still to this day, I consider a healthy addiction. Here at BlogMutt I essentially work as an account manager and editor for our BlogMutt Plus clients, as well as helping with multiple customer success-based projects. The competition is stiff for what occupies my downtime, but I do my best to play with my Boston Terrier pup, eat good food, and ride my bicycle up big hills.

Leisa Grant

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