Blogging Faux Pas, As Told By Six Tasteless Halloween Costumes

Posted by Kali Greff
Oct 30, 2015 9:50:00 AM

Is it me, or has Halloween gone off the rails?

Maybe it’s Halloween’s pagan ancestry laced with an alternative, irreverent edge that’s a cause. Maybe it’s just that we are overexposed to so many costumes via media at large and are looking for more “unique,” “creative” costume material. Maybe it’s proliferated by the seemingly shameless profiteering Halloween economy. Or maybe Halloween’s modern sensibilities are just dictated by different standards of decency.

It’s that time of year again. Brace yourself for the Left Sharks and Donald Trumps and their more scandalous, insensitive counterparts: pregnant nuns, Caitlyn Jenners, Baby Hitlers, and ... lord, I hope nothing worse.

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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Boring Niche Blog

Posted by April Bohnert
Oct 29, 2015 6:00:00 AM

When it comes to figuring out how to spice up your boring niche blog, the idea well can run dry pretty quickly. How much can you really say about Software as a Service or wood flooring? After one or two posts, it may feel like your blog is actually a bog...where ideas get sucked down and start to stink. But all is not lost, give your niche blog a makeover with these five simple tips.

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ADP and Zenefits end their silly lawsuits — Is peace next?

Posted by Scott Yates
Oct 27, 2015 4:19:26 PM

I wrote extensively about the feud between payroll stalwart ADP and Silicon Valley darling Zenefits back when the fight first started. You can see my coverage here and here.

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Help Me Thrive During the Holidays: A Guide for Non-Retail Small Businesses

Posted by BlogMutt
Oct 27, 2015 11:09:53 AM

Day care facilities, accountants, architect firms and pet groomers are just a few examples of businesses that experience downtime during the holiday season. While folks are out spending their money on gifts and decorations, businesses that are not in retail try to stay busy and maintain a jovial spirit and light-hearted atmosphere until work picks up.

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Do More By Saying No

Posted by BlogMutt
Oct 27, 2015 7:30:00 AM

What's the magic word when it comes to quality work and productivity? The answer is "no."

We all want to "wow" our clients and coworkers, which can often lead us to saying "yes" to whatever request they throw our way. On a surface level, this may seem wise. After all, you want to show you're a good team player, and the customer is always right...right? The truth is that saying "yes" all the time, while satisfying your clients initially, will most likely lead to you producing lower quality work, and it will absolutely increase your stress levels.

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5 Tricks for Writing More Clickable Blog Headlines

Posted by April Bohnert
Oct 26, 2015 10:57:00 AM

Publishing great blog content is an integral part of any inbound marketing strategy. However, even more important than the content itself is the headline that accompanies it.

Many people fail to see the kind of blog traffic and engagement that they hope for, largely because their headline wasn’t compelling enough to get people to click and read. According to some sources, about eight out of 10 people will read a headline. However, only two out of that 10 will actually read the post. Those are discouraging odds for any blogger, but the good news is those odds can be greatly improved with a more strategic approach to writing headlines.

Next time you’re working on a new blog post, consider using these 5 tricks for writing more clickable blog headlines and increasing reader engagement.

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