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3 Ways Content Marketing Creates Better Customers

Posted by BlogMutt
May 16, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Content marketing helps attract customers. That much is clear, considering the plethora of evidence showing its impact on lead generation and revenue. But you may not be aware of is just how much the same concept improves your customer base qualitatively, in addition to its quantitative impact.

Don't believe us? Consider these three ways content marketing creates better customers for your business.

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Understanding The Content Creation Funnel

Posted by Pat Armitage
May 11, 2016 7:00:00 AM

So you just started creating content and thought, “Ok, I’m good.” Not really.

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Content Strategy Example: The "Wait But Why" Blog

Posted by Kali Greff
May 4, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Once every sometimes, I'll write a post on a content strategy example of a company or site that I all but drool over. (Literally drooling, in the case of the subject matter last time -- namely, Buzzfeed's "Tasty").

from waitbutwhy.com

This time, I'm highlighting a blog (company? site?) that I've admired from afar for quite some time. Two guys make up the brilliance that is Wait But Why.

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9 Awesome Language Translation Resources For Blogs

Posted by BlogMutt
May 3, 2016 7:00:00 AM

With the advent and rising prominence of Google Translate in the increasingly international nature of business, you'd think we as content marketers wouldn't have any need for additional translation resources.

Au contraire.

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Content Marketing Case Studies: A Start

Posted by Pat Armitage
Apr 19, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Why Content Marketing Case Studies? Why Now?

First, credit where credit’s due. 

I’ve always been enamored with UnderConsideration’s opinions and review on corporate logo design and brand identity via their blog: “Brand New.” Branding is a subjective art. New logos roll out and are either met with acclaim or disdain. 

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21 Ways to Beat Writers Block

Posted by Kali Greff
Apr 14, 2016 7:00:00 AM

How do you get inspired? Looking to beat writers block? Waiting for your stroke of brilliance?

I’m waiting, too. I’ve been waiting. And if I just continued to wait, it might come, but I’d lose a lot of time just sitting back.

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