About BlogMutt

BlogMutt is the No. 1 marketplace for crowdsourced blog content for your business blog.

Here's what makes us unique:

  • We host a weekly contest for you to find the best post for your business.
  • You pick your favorites, ask for edits, or reject posts that don't work.
  • You get a post every week, no need to order posts weeks or months early

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The company incorporated in 2010 and sent its first post to a customer in August, 2011. We work from downtown Boulder, but we are technically a Delaware corporation. We have customers around the world, but our writers must live in the US and pay taxes here. We have hundreds of writers now from all 50 US states.

About our philosophy

"We work like a dog to fill up your blog!" It's our tagline, and it's the heart of who we are.

About our team


Scott Yates

Scott attends to the business side of BlogMutt, and has done so at two other companies. The first time was with MyTrafficNews, a company that sold to Traffic.com in 2006. He then worked on LegislativeDatabase and returned a positive investment to the initial investors. Before starting his startup life, Scott was an award-winning writer in New York and Colorado, so he has a special connection with the needs and peculiarities of writers.


Wade Green

Wade, the tech leader at BlogMutt, has been a fixture in the tech scene in Boulder for years. He started out as a tech puppy working for Accenture, and moved on to various technical consulting roles in telecom before joining a startup in 2000. Wade later worked with Scott on MyTrafficNews and LegislativeDatabase, with a stint at Abacus/Epsilon in between.


Courtney Tobin

For things to work well in any organization, you need one person who can get everything done that doesn't fit neatly in a job description. That's Courtney, the one who Gets It Done. She interacts with customers, writers, and passers-by, all with lightning speed, striking professionalism and a disarming smile. And if you are in need of some conversation about Sophocles, a king-side gambit, or tricks for home-made pasta, stop by.


Liz Allen

As our team grows, we need to find people who can fill the gaps that we have in the office. Liz is our Gap Filler. She's amazingly helpful to us inside the office and also working with current and prospective customers. Like all of us, she's a fan of words and communication. Outside the office she's passionate about color in flowers and landscaping, and she's certainly helping BlogMutt flower and grow!


Blogmutt closed a seed funding round in the spring of 2012 from a suite of sweet investors, nearly all of them operating CEOs who understand the tremendous opportunity that exists in the world of helping busy businesses. Investors include Jim Franklin, CEO of SendGrid , Jon Nordmark, CEO of Using Miles , Tom Phillips, CEO of Media6Degrees and others with expertise in finance, accounting, small business and more. If you are an accredited investor interested in learning more about Blogmutt, contact CEO Scott Yates directly, or via this page.