About BlogMutt

BlogMutt is the No. 1 marketplace for crowdsourced blog content for your business blog.

Here's what makes us unique:

  • We host a weekly contest for you to find the best post for your business.
  • You pick your favorites, ask for edits, or reject posts that don't work.
  • You get a post every week, no need to order posts weeks or months early

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The company incorporated in 2010 and sent its first post to a customer in August, 2011. We work from downtown Boulder, but we are technically a Delaware corporation. We have customers around the world, but our writers must live in the US and pay taxes here. We have hundreds of writers now from all 50 US states.

About our philosophy

"We work like a dog to fill up your blog!" It's our tagline, and it's the heart of who we are.

About our team


Scott Yates

Scott founded this business with Wade after successfully building and selling two previous businesses, one related to traffic information and another related to state-level legislation. He earned a patent for his first business, and wrote a book before launching BlogMutt. Before startups, he was an award-winning writer and editor. In his spare time he’s spearheading an effort to fix Daylight Saving Time. Scott's wife actually named the company after their mutt, Buddy.


Wade Green

Wade, the tech leader at BlogMutt, has been a fixture in the tech scene in Boulder for years. He started out as a tech puppy working for Accenture, and moved on to various technical consulting roles in telecom before joining a startup in 2000. Wade later worked with Scott on MyTrafficNews and LegislativeDatabase, with a stint at Abacus/Epsilon in between.


Courtney Tobin

For things to work well in any organization, you need one person who can get everything done that doesn't fit neatly in a job description. That's Courtney, the one who Gets It Done. She interacts with customers, writers, and passers-by, all with lightning speed, striking professionalism and a disarming smile. And if you are in need of some conversation about Sophocles, a king-side gambit, or tricks for home-made pasta, stop by.


Patrick Armitage

Patrick is our Director of Marketing. He comes to BlogMutt with a wealth of agency experience, but he has a desire to build up a brand that he can truly own, and he's doing that now. He spends his time outside BlogMutt running the Front Range, following Arsenal Football Club, volunteering, and staying connected to his Midwestern roots by watching Wisconsin sports.


Grace Hirt

Grace is our Editorial Specialist. She works with writers to ensure that all customers get the posts they need every week. She impressed us with her Ninja-like facility with compound modifiers and knowledge of Cuban literature. She came to Boulder from New England not just for BlogMutt, but to live in a town with lots of mountain climbing opportunities.


Rachel Logie

Rachel is part of our development team, helping add new features to make the BlogMutt site even better for writers and customers. She's a graduate of the Galvanize code school, and before that she was a Polysomnography Tech, which she could tell you about but it might put you to sleep. She was born in Canada, but she's a Coloradan now.


Kali Greff

Kali Greff is our Sales and Marketing Specialist. If you are thinking about becoming a BlogMutt customer, chances are Kali will be the one answering your questions (sometimes before you know they are questions). While she's in sales, she's a real BlogMutt personality having been an excellent student journalist in Ohio before she returned to her home state of Colorado. She can also wow you with her Henry the Eighth trivia.