Pricing plans

Customize by choosing a post length, the number of posts per month you'd like, and any optional services to build your monthly plan.

$ 29.95/post
Good length for just getting started and keeping your blog current, especially in niche and hyper-local businesses.
Short Posts
$ 59.95/post
Excellent option for companies ready to grow their presence in mid-sized markets or emerging niches.
Standard Posts
$ 99.95/post
Perfect for establishing your company as a content leader and optimizing SEO potential.
In-Depth Articles
$ 189.95/post
Best for building awareness and an impactful, high-quality content presence in markets with lots of competition.
Thought Leadership
$ 299.95/post
Ideal for creating pillar content, e-books, and other forms of content that will serve as thought leadership in your industry.

All of our plans include

  • 100% original content from highly-vetted U.S.-based writers
  • Receive multiple submissions from different writers, choose only what you like
  • Unlimited rounds of edits
  • Most customers receive their first pieces of content to review in 48 hours or less
  • Change your monthly subscription anytime: no contracts, no platform fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces of content will I get?

You'll choose your preferred length and the number of posts you want per month.

For example, choose 3 or more 300-word posts per month, 2 or more 600-word posts, one 1,000-word post, etc., per month. You'll build your own plan that meets your content needs.

How long are your contracts?

Every BlogMutt subscription is month-to-month; cancel anytime. No contracts.

We also offer annual plans which provide you the equivalent to 2-month discount savings for the year. We suggest an annual contract if you plan on getting content the whole year to save.

How does billing work? What forms of payment do you accept?

We’ll bill you each month on the date you sign up for the upcoming month. So, if you signed up on Jan. 3, we’ll bill you each month on the 3rd.

We accept all major credit cards & PayPal.

Can I switch plans?

You can change your plan at any time. We’ll notify you and adjust your subscription costs accordingly. It’s that easy.

How does the pricing work for agencies?

We recommend signing up each client with their own subscription. For example, if you want blog posts for two clients, sign up two subscriptions (one for each client), each with their own corresponding plan.

If you're a large agency and are considering signing up ten or more of your clients, contact to learn more about our agency pricing options.

Do you have a free trial?

Not technically, since we always have to pay our writers for their work, but you are more than welcome to take our system for a test drive. If you sign up and aren’t happy with the first posts you receive, you can cancel within 30 days and get a full refund.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for details.

Do you write for international customers?

Sure! We write for customers in 15 countries around the world. Currently, we accept payment only in USD via credit card or PayPal, and only write in English.

More on our optional services

What do you need from the content we write for you?


Blog posts with photos get 94% more views than those without. After you purchase a post you love, a BlogMutt team member will review and select the perfect photo to complement the content from our library of copyright-secured, high-quality stock photography. You’ll receive a picture within 24 hours of purchasing your post.

This includes:

  • Royalty-free images (copyrights secured)
  • 1 image for posts up to 1,000 words ($9.95), and two images for posts >1,000 words in length ($19.95)
  • Helpful tags, attribution, links, or captions, depending on what you need for your blog format

After you purchase a post you love, one of our BlogMutt team members will log into your blogging platform and make sure every post is SEO-friendly and proofread, add in a picture, and publish on your schedule (if desired) or save it as a draft in your blogging platform.

Here are the specifics on what you get:

  • SEO optimization for every post: focus keyword & related keyword incorporation (if provided), meta description, image alt-tagging, URL, and header optimization
  • Beautified and formatted in your blogging platform
  • Copyrights-secured image(s) hand-selected for your post from our library of millions of high-quality stock photos, captions inputted and optimized
  • Extra round of proofreading
  • $19.95 per post up to 1,000 words, $39.95 per post >1,000 words in length

With BlogMutt Complete, BlogMutt will transform from a self-service platform for buying great blog content to a fully-managed service for guiding and executing on your content strategy. Your HubSpot Inbound certified content strategist and account manager will create consistently high-quality content that fits with your brand / your clients’ brand and resonates with prospects and customers by:

  • Working with you to understand your content goals and needs
  • Providing guidance on topic generation and strategy
  • Managing the logistics of the BlogMutt platform to execute on your ideas and content goals by entering requests, managing writers, requesting edits, and purchasing submissions on your behalf
  • Hand-selecting copyrights-secured image(s) for your posts, SEO-optimizing them, and publishing them/saving as a draft within your blogging platform
  • Conducting ongoing check-ins with your team to ensure alignment and improve quality

More questions about these additional services, what they include, or want a quote? Email

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