Doreen Martel

Doreen Martel

After spending nearly 30 years in the financial industry (stock market and housing market) this writer found herself laid off and declared legally blind. As a telecommuter, this writer learned the tricks of staying on schedule while working from home. However, once laid off, the challenge was to find new work. Because the financial markets were in a shambles, other opportunities needed exploration.

While searching for potential work-at-home opportunities, several were examined, tested and ultimately, failed. This led to testing outsourcing through online sources of work at home opportunities. Initially, this worked out very well, providing a basis for what is today a rewarding and satisfying full-time writing career.

• Writer’s Background

10 years with Kidder Peabody (Lowell, MA) Sales Assistant

8 years with England Merchants Corporation (Franklin MA) Vice President of Mortgage Compliance

10 years with Putnam Investments (Franklin MA) Offshore Accounting, Retirement Plans

5 years oDesk Freelancer

• Writer’s Education

Dean College 1999 with 3.9 GPA (Financial Accounting)

• Writing passions

This writer enjoys writing about financial matters, legal topics as well as work-at-home issues. She blogs regularly and provides no nonsense reviews of writing sites, work at home opportunities and tips and tricks to make them work for others.

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