Inbound marketing needs high-quality content.

No doubt about that. However...

"Creating content is the hardest part of inbound." -Angela DeFranco, HubSpot

Even if you're a talented writer yourself, writing at the frequency and quality required to make inbound marketing efforts successful takes considerable time and effort...that you just don't have.

Download the e-book to arm you with all you need to know to jumpstart your inbound marketing strategy by hiring and working effectively with your ideal team of writers—whether they be freelancers, or through a content writing platform, to name a few.

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"Ignite Your Inbound Strategy with the Right Freelance Writers: A Guide"

At BlogMutt, our team works with thousands of freelance writers to create content for over 1,400 businesses and marketing agencies each month. We've distilled everything we've learned about getting the best results from freelance writers down into this e-book. 

We worked hard to ensure that it's applicable whether you're working with a content writing service or platform like us or a single freelance writer.


Chapters include:

  1. Factors To Consider Before Outsourcing Content: A comprehensive list of things to think about when outsourcing content for your business.

  2. The 4 Qualities of the Outstanding Content Marketing Freelance Writer: We dive in on the essential qualities to look for in a successful, outstanding content marketing freelance writer.

  3. Shop for Your Content Writing Options: The whole spread of places to get content writing, complete with pros & cons.

  4. Test the Waters with Your New Writer & Build the Relationship: The "magic formula" to vet and lay the groundwork for great working relationships with your writers.

  5. Spotlight on Six Freelance Writers: We shine the spotlight on six talented freelance writers with various expertise who share their tips on how to best work with freelancers.