About us

Our philosophy

Content marketing is the foundation of successful businesses and agencies today. But content means writing. And writing means time, resources, and talent that most companies simply don’t have. Just consider all the out-of-date company blogs that litter the internet.

We try to make the content part of your marketing easier and simpler than ever. Content marketing starts with a blog that’s current, drives traffic and creates value. We’re helping our customers get there. One blog post at a time.


The seasonal fall variety of the BlogMutt gang outside our Boulder, CO office (Wade & Max here in spirit!).

Our team


Steve Pockross

[CEO] As CEO, Steve brings more than 20 years of startup, nonprofit, and Fortune 500 experience to not only running the business of BlogMutt, but also setting the culture, vision, and purpose of the team. Steve was part of the early management team at crowdsourcing pioneer LiveOps and has previously led five crowdsourcing businesses. Outside the office, Steve enjoys ultimate frisbee, telemark skiing, hosting jazz concerts, and spending time with his two boys.


Wade Green

[CTO, Founder] Wade, the tech leader at BlogMutt, has been a fixture in the tech scene in Boulder for years. He started out as a tech puppy working for Accenture, and moved on to various technical consulting roles in telecom before joining a startup in 2000. Wade later worked with Scott on MyTrafficNews and LegislativeDatabase, with a stint at Abacus/Epsilon in between.
courtney_headshot (1).jpg

Courtney Tobin

[Director, Customer & Writer Success] For things to work well in any organization, you need one person who can get everything done that doesn't fit neatly in a job description. That's Courtney, the one who Gets It Done. She interacts with customers, writers, and passers-by, all with lightning speed, striking professionalism and a disarming smile. And if you are in need of some conversation about Sophocles, a king-side gambit, or tricks for homemade pasta, stop by.


Reid Lynch

[Director, Engineering] Reid is our Director of Engineering. His work in making the site and the entire service run better is simply magical. He has a computer science degree and experience building crowdsourcing platforms. On top of all that, he comes from a newspaper family, so he understands the BlogMutt editorial mindset.

Kali Greff

[Marketing Manager] Kali Greff is our Marketing Manager. If you've enjoyed the newsletter you've gotten, or thought that some aspect of BlogMutt worked well, it's probably Kali you have to thank. While she's in marketing, she's a real BlogMutt personality having been an excellent student journalist in Ohio before she returned to her home state of Colorado. She can also wow you with her Henry the Eighth trivia.

April Bohnert

[Content Manager & Editor] April is part of our customer success team, specializing in helping the clients who get BlogMutt Professional Services. She comes to BlogMutt having spent years helping companies with their content marketing, including several months while travelling through Asia looking for wifi. She's now setting down roots in Colorado, where by law she's required to enjoy hiking in the Rockies.

Max Harris

[Software Engineer] Max Harris is a developer at BlogMutt. He has a degree in computer science and has worked at startups and big enterprise operations, and has decided the startup life is the life for him. You'll never see his best work up close, you'll just see that the site runs like a dream for you. That's Max's doing. He loves all Colorado activities — skiing, etc. — and has two dogs. Not mutts, but that's OK with us.


Matt Allard

[Sales] Matt is on the front lines of BlogMutt, helping marketing agencies and other channel partners scale their content operations. When he's not working with BlogMutt partners (like you?) Matt can be found running in the Front Range, snowboarding, scrambling a Flatiron with some of BlogMutt team, or woodworking in his shop. He's also our first staffer with a working knowledge of the Russian language, and of Russian literature, rounding out our trivia team nicely.


Kevin Lawrence

[Key Account Manager] Kevin comes to us after finishing a graduate degree in classical languages, but we've told him that he and Courtney are not allowed to talk in ancient Greek around the office! He's a part of our customer success team, working primarily with key customers.



Maddie Foster

[Customer Support Specialist] Maddie has the perfect last name, because she will be fostering a great relationship for customers of BlogMutt, helping them to get great posts, pictures, and whatever else is needed to make sure customers are delighted. She's also a big fan of words and writing, especially the cultural and epistemological foundations of stand-up comedy. Or maybe she just likes booger jokes. 


Molly Krumholz

[Writer Support] Molly works with BlogMutt's amazing community of writers to create an environment of respect, support, and awesome content. She loves to solve logic puzzles and argue about semantics. In her free time, she is most often found climbing rocks, running trails, or split-boarding in the Rocky Mountains.