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Calling all talented, U.S.-based writers: 

Whether you're here to start or grow your writing career, BlogMutt is the simplest way for you to do what you love to do: write. 

No more managing clients, offering tech support, or chasing down your paycheck. With BlogMutt, you do the writing, and we do the rest.

BlogMutt is a subscription-based content service for businesses and agencies of all sizes. We offer a wide range of content and blog writing jobs from 300 to 2000 words in length across 40+ industries. We're adding new jobs for writers every day, so there is always work available.

How do you know if you qualify?

Writers must be American citizens with impeccable grammar, strong research skills, and a talent for creating powerful written content of all types.

Meet Our Customers
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Write blogs for entrepreneurs and small-to-midsize businesses, from mom-and-pop to large corporations

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Agencies (and their clients):

Build your marketing chops by creating content for web design, SEO, and B2B/B2C advertising firms

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Writers needed for blogs and other content in 40+ industries including real estate, home maintenance, law, finance, and many more

The Simplest Freelance Gig Out There
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You select a topic and write a post. 
If our customer purchases your post, then you get paid.

Our customers need fresh new content every month, so you can write for the same clients each month or choose new ones every time. If the customer does not select your post for purchase, you retain the rights to that content and you can submit it to another one of our 1200+ subscriptions.

Check out our Writer Spotlights or meet some of our talented writers to learn more.

Start writing and earn access to higher-paying jobs.
BlogMutt is designed to reward writers for the quality of their work, not the length of their resume. Every writer starts out writing 300-word posts and the best writers earn access to longer posts and higher-paying jobs.

How does it work? As you write posts and earn customer reviews, you'll also earn points in the BlogMutt system. Points help you "level up" to access better and better jobs for blog writers and copywriters alike. Eventually, you can even start earning shares in our small, but fast-growing company. We wouldn't be where we are without our amazing writer community and we take every opportunity to show our appreciation. 

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Check out our Writer FAQ here.