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Introducing BlogMutt Complete: Our Fully Managed Content Service


After a long wait, we're pleased to announce that we are ready to start taking on new customers for our fully managed content service, BlogMutt Complete. (Hooray!)

Over the summer, we completely redesigned our managed-services offering to answer our customers' top content marketing pain points. After a limited pre-release, BlogMutt Complete officially re-opened this fall with an ample wait list.

After bringing on several new content specialists to meet the growing demand, our amazing team of account managers is now prepared to take your content to the next level with professional editing and SEO expertise.


What is BlogMutt Complete?

The newly redesigned BlogMutt Complete is a fully managed content service designed specifically to help you execute on your content strategy within the BlogMutt platform. The service offers you a personal account manager who can build strong relationships with your favorite writers, assist you in creating the perfect blog post topics, and ensure that your content is polished and professional. 

With BlogMutt Complete, you'll get:

  • A professional account manager trained in SEO and content strategy
  • 1-2 photos per article, depending on length
  • SEO optimization and publishing directly to the platform of your choice
  • Professional editing and proofreading services

Basically, you should think of BlogMutt Complete as adding an outsourced content manager to your team. We'll help you determine what topics to publish, keep you honest in your publishing schedule, and we'll even do the heavy lifting of staying up-to-date on everything new in the world of SEO.

What would it cost to do all of that in-house? Well, the mid-range salary for an in-house content marketing specialist has been estimated at $72,000-$104,000 per year. That's 6K-8.6K per month! And it doesn't even include all of the marketing tools they'll need to be successful.

Before you embark on that weeks- or months-long hiring process, take a look at your monthly budget and consider the option to outsource. We'll carefully vet your account manager before you even meet. All of our AMs are SEO experts and professional editors. Plus, we just love working with them. Many of our AMs have worked as BlogMutt writers for months or years, so we know that we're pairing you with the best possible partner.


Instead of risking an expensive investment, let us introduce you to your new favorite team member. (We think your SEO (and your accountant) will thank us later.) 

Why use a fully managed service?

Great question—to be honest, it's not for everyone. Some users prefer to log in to our site and manage their content independently. These folks are using our service purely to purchase content from our awesome community of writers. And that's great! 

If the following categories apply to you and your team, you might be fine with sticking to our basic content services:

  • You already have an in-house content manager ready to oversee outsourced content creation, or you have the bandwidth (and desire) to do so yourself.
  • You don't need guidance on new SEO strategies and/or methods for making every blog post as effective as possible. You're a content marketing master, and you just need our writers to fulfill your vision.

But we've also heard from many of you that you simply don't have the time or in-house expertise to manage all content on your own.


Perhaps you're a small business owner with a million tasks on the old "to-do" list, or maybe you own a small agency, but you're not quite ready to invest in a full-time content specialist. Maybe you know that your site's SEO is lacking, but aren't exactly sure how to get things back on track. BlogMutt Complete is here to make sure that you can get high quality content every month without spending precious hours dealing with the details.

Here are some signs that you might want to look into BlogMutt Complete:

1. Time is of the essence.

You're a busy person. We respect that.

Once you communicate or "download" your vision to your account manager, he or she can log in and execute on your content strategy while you spend your valuable time on other projects. Going out of town and prefer that your account manager take the reins for a bit? All it takes is a quick email or phone call.

While you're away, your account manager will build relationships with your favorite writers and ensure that your posts are polished, professional, and on-target for your business's—or your clients'—needs.

2. You're just not a writer. 

Not all of us are trained to pick out every misplaced comma and run-on sentence, but we all know that professional content needs to be polished. If semicolons appear in your nightmares, let us do the editing for you.


Our account managers are professional editors who know what good content looks like. Do you work in a highly technical field? It can be challenging (not to mention time-consuming) to make technical content palatable for your average user.

With BlogMutt Complete, you can simply download your industry expertise to the AM, and let them work with writers to create compelling content that's at the right level and in the right language to be crystal-clear with your audience. To ensure that you receive only the best content, they'll do a final polish and proofread before sending each article your way.

3. You know you need to up your SEO game, but you're not sure where to start.

SEO is important. In order for your customers to find you online, you need to consistently publish high quality content that is relevant to your brand. But it's a full time job to stay on top of the new best practices that come with every Google algorithm update.

We make it our business to be up-to-date on the best of the best practices in the biz to make your content shine on Google and beyond. Our account managers can help guide you in crafting a content strategy that improves your SEO and drives traffic to your site.  Plus, they'll continue to execute on that strategy to maintain a consistent publishing schedule while you focus on other projects. 


Consistency and strategy are both key to good, long-term SEO benefits. BlogMutt Complete can help you both create and maintain a content schedule that boosts your rankings for the long haul.

4. You're looking to venture beyond the blog & need support. 

Although many of our customers use BlogMutt to fill up their blogs, we help businesses and agencies with many other types of content, too. Whether you're looking for a white paper for a client, a "how-to" guide for your platform business, or product descriptions for your e-commerce site, our account managers who intimately know the BlogMutt writers and system can help you communicate those needs effectively to get you exactly what you need.

Need help determining the perfect form for your next newsletter? Your AM can help with that. They can also help you stitch together or repurpose content to create unique offerings for your audience and customers.

5. You need someone to keep you honest & dedicated.

Keeping up with a weekly (or even monthly) publishing schedule can be daunting, but it's also a core component of the strongest SEO strategies. 

Your account manager with BlogMutt Complete will make sure that you're getting the content you need, when you need it. You have the flexibility to choose a schedule for your check-ins, whether that's monthly or every three months, and they'll be an accountability partner who helps you re-prioritize your content needs based on that schedule. Between check-ins, they'll keep the SEO wheels cranking so that you can focus your valuable, finite energy elsewhere. 

Whether you've mastered digital marketing or you're just starting out with content, our account managers can coach you—and keep you—on the right track. Your personal account manager will listen to your content needs and guide you in creating a strategy that makes sense for your business. 

What is included in BlogMutt Complete?

When you first sign up, you'll fill out a short (2-minute) survey to help us understand your business and content needs. Then, we'll pair you with an account manager who is a professional copywriter, editor, and SEO expert.

In your first meeting, they'll ask you questions like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How often do you want to publish?
  • What are your goals for this content?
  • How often do you want to meet to make sure we're aligned on your strategy?

You and your account manager will agree on a schedule for future check-ins, and you'll also set up some topics for the first month of your service. 

Once you've entered topics, your content will begin to arrive within two days or so. Your account manager will then discuss whether this content is a "fit" with your goals and will facilitate edits with the writers, if necessary.

During this first month, we aim to find a small group of writers who create content with the style, voice, and tone that you're seeking. Your AM will then work on building relationships with those writers, who will also get to know your business and who will become partners in creating the right content for you.

Also included in this service:

  • Assistance with creating topics & communicating them to writers
  • Queue management & unlimited edits from the writers
  • Final proofreading & polishing by the AM
  • Full SEO optimization & formatting within your CMS
  • Hand-picked, copyrights-secured photos (1-2, depending on the length of your content)
  • Scheduling and/or publishing of your post directly to your blog

Quite possibly the best "feature" of this service is that it's totally customizable. Your AM will work with you to set up the service that you need, and once you set up those guidelines, they'll help you stay on track with your content goals in the months to follow.

Interested in learning more?

We're always happy to help. 

You can contact us by filling out the form below or learn more about our platform by reading through our FAQs

Or, if you're ready, jump in and sign up for BlogMutt Complete and add a professional outsourced content manager to your digital marketing team.

You don't have to dive in alone.



As Manager of Writer Operations and Data at BlogMutt, the best part of my job is working with — and for — a nationwide community of content creators. As a former freelance writer myself, I believe in the power of flexible, online work to create opportunity for people whose lifestyles don't fit the traditional mold. Outside of the office, I spend every spare minute in the mountains: skiing, splitboarding, rock climbing, ultra running, thru-hiking. The farther, the higher, the faster, the better.

Molly Krumholz

Need more information on how BlogMutt Complete works or have other questions?

Get in touch below, our team's happy to help.