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The Importance Of Blogging Consistently


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2015. While consistent publishing is still important, we saw the opportunity to include even more helpful updates and information on the relationship between frequency and quality.

For years, marketing experts have emphasized the importance of blogging for digital success. But did you know that maintaining consistency and frequency in your publishing schedule is a critical component of that success?

Blogging Consistently Is Important

It's tempting to craft each post with the precision of a literary masterpiece. After all, you want your blog to be a reflection of your company's values. If you have time to do that—great! But beware: are you spending so much time perfecting your posts that you don't publish as frequently and as consistently as you should?

The bottom line is that while the quality of your content matters, how frequently you post and update that content is vitally important, too. Balancing the relationship between quality and frequency is critical.

Here's why you should be making a concerted effort to keep up with a consistent publishing schedule to maintain fresh content:

Rack Up SEO Page Rankings

The more frequently you update your site with fresh content, the more opportunities you have to strengthen your SEO and be indexed higher by search engines.  

Here's how it works: search engines like Google use algorithm-based web crawlers to index the one-billion websites that exist online today. These crawlers rank the sites based on a variety of factors like inbound links, user time on site, mobile friendliness, and much more.

Search engines regularly crawl your site looking for new content. Even if you don't post new content, search engines will still crawl that page. But if you are posting new, quality information frequently, you increase your chances to rank even better the next time your site is crawled.

Other factors influencing your SEO page rank include building a network of inbound links. Getting reputable sites to link to your site tells search engines that the information on your site or page is a credible source for information.

Never underestimate the power of new, updated, and regular blogging as a factor in search engine optimization and page rank.


Curate Your Keyword Profile

The SEO benefits of regular blogging for business go beyond the results from indexing and crawling. The importance of blog writing consistently also comes from increased opportunities to increase the amount and range of keywords for which you rank.

For example: If you are a veterinarian looking to help and attract local pet owners to your website, chances are that potential clients will search for keywords ranging wildly, from "dog dental care" to "bird feather diseases."

If you update your blog frequently, you can devote individual posts to a wide range of keywords related to your business and increase the chances that potential customers using very specific keywords will find you using Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Frequent updates also allow you to home in on specific audiences with specialized keywords—like a local audience—while still maintaining a breadth of keywords for which you’d like to rank.

Beef Up Social Media Content

Unless you're in the minority among small- and medium-sized businesses, your website is likely not the only avenue that you use to promote your services in the digital realm. You probably also have a social media account, on which frequent content is just as important as it is on your blog.

Why are frequent social updates important? After all, in 2014, Google explicitly said that it doesn’t use social signals to determine page ranking. But in a 2015 article for Moz, Larry Kim explored what the nature of the relationship is between search rankings and social shares is. He says, “If you’ve done any SEO at all, you’ve probably noticed that the stories that rank well tend to have high social share counts.”

Kim notes that posts with high engagement rates and lots of shares come from the same content that gets higher click-through rates in search results. Ultimately, Kim posits:

"Facebook Ads, Facebook's newsfeed algorithm, Google AdWords, and increasingly Google organic search are all systems governed by machine learning systems that reward remarkable engagement with greater visibility."

What’s the takeaway? The more frequently you post stellar content on social media, the more opportunities you’ll have for engagement. Here again, we see the relationship between quality and frequency. The more engagement, the better. This is an art that content writers have learned to master.

Of course, coming up with high-quality content is not always easy. Following Kim’s theory on social media and organic search, you should share your content that already performs well in organic searches and vice versa.

Tee Up & Foster High Reader Expectations

Most blog hosting services now offer readers the opportunity to subscribe for future updates, making it easier for marketers to engage their existing readership. When you consistently update your blog, you set up expectations for fresh content among your readers, who see you as a thought leader on the topics you write about.

Considering that return visitors add significant value to your website, offering regular and new content to your readers helps you significantly grow your digital presence.

With the importance of blogging consistently and frequently established, the next question to answer is: exactly how frequently should you blog? The simple answer is: as often as you can, without compromising too much on quality. Balancing the relationship between quality and frequency is key to successfully growing your online presence and gaining customers.



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