How BlogMutt Works

The blogging struggle is real. Time is short. Writing is hard. And today’s blog post keeps getting pushed into tomorrow. And then the next day...
We flip the script and get tomorrow’s blog post done today. 

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We’re not cookie-cutter. We write every post to your business. Tell us about your blog or the blog you envision.

  • Enter the topics for the blog posts you want us to write.
  • Include your basic business and account info
  • Pick, pay and wait for your first post (we’re pretty fast, like 2-3 days fast)


your posts

Our US-based, BlogMutt-tested, mother-approved writers will submit posts based on your blog’s vision, tone and topic needs. 

  • Review or simply post directly to your blog
  • Need an edit? Or two? Revisions are on the house.
  • A post doesn’t tickle your fancy? Simply reject. Just make sure to tell us why and we’ll do better next time.


your favorite

When you’re happy with a post, we’re happy. 

  • Tell the BlogMutt writers what you liked (or didn’t like)
  • We’ll listen to your feedback and keep sending posts that make you happy


to your blog

Yep, you have 100% exclusive rights to every post you pick. Go nuts.

  • Share it across social media, put it in your newsletter, tape it to the fridge
  • Build your online presence
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