How It Works

Content marketing is hard. Content creation is the hardest part. 

BlogMutt enables digital marketing agencies and businesses to build, leverage, and retain flexible, high-powered teams of freelance writers that are a powerful extension of your in-house resources to create content for digital marketing.

And, despite what our name might suggest, our clients use BlogMutt for:

  • e-books & white papers
  • newsletters
  • product descriptions
  • pillar content
  • website content
  • and more!


Here's how it works:



Great writing, meet crowdsourcing.

Start with 3,000 highly-vetted, U.S.-based writers with myriad professional backgrounds to produce great writing and subject matter expertise.

  • All writers have passed stringent writing and grammar tests: less than 5% of applicants ultimately become BlogMutt writers
  • Within our crowd, you’ll find an incredible variety of industry expertises, writing styles, and perspectives
  • Because we consciously curate our crowd into a supportive, yet meritocracy-driven community, the best writers rise to the top and earn more writing opportunities

Ensure our writers understand your business/clients, and your content goals.

Our proprietary onboarding process helps writers get to know your business efficiently (or your clients’) so they can fit seamlessly into your digital content and team. We’ll ask about:

  • Your content goals
  • The audience for your content
  • The style and tone you’re looking for
  • What you think makes great content

Pick the plan that drives your content strategy.

Our flexible monthly subscriptions help ensure you’re producing high-quality content regularly, a cornerstone of successful content marketing.

  • Build your custom monthly plan - choose word length, number of content pieces per month, and any optional services to build your plan.
  • Change plans anytime, no long-term contracts
  • If you’re an agency, add clients anytime, choose a plan that meets each client’s needs
  • No platform fees
  • Annual plans available for additional savings

Add optional services to take more content-related tasks off your plate.

Select services that make content creation easier, and make your content more powerful. These services include:

  • Add hand-selected, copyrights-secured stock photos
  • Optimize your content for SEO and get it publish-ready in your content management system
  • Manage the BlogMutt platform for you with an Inbound-certified account manager and content strategist
  • Conceptualize a content strategy, create custom blog topics, or setup in the BlogMutt platform by an expert
  • Flexible with your monthly plan—add-on or remove at any time

Tell our writers what to write.

With our Requests Page, you can easily tell our writers about the individual pieces of content you need and specifics.

  • Create assignments for writers by entering a title, including a brief description or even a full outline, and links for writer research
  • Communicate SEO goals and dial down into specifics with Advanced SEO Options
  • No limits on how many requests to add at a time—frontload if desired to keep writers apprised of all your needs 

Then, our writers go to work.

Writers who are uniquely qualified to write for your business find you and make the choice to create your custom content.

  • Our system directs writers likely to produce outstanding content to your account
  • Writers choose a topic, then create pieces for you to review in full before purchase
  • Most clients get their first piece(s) of content to review in as soon as 48-72 hours

Time for you to review!

You’ll review full pieces of content, written just for you. Then, choose what you’d like to do with each:

  • If it’s great, or you’ll make minor tweaks, click “Accept” and the piece will be delivered to you immediately. You’ll have 100% exclusive rights to it.
  • If you’d like changes from the writer, “Request Edits.” Unlimited edits are always included!
  • If the writer missed the mark, click “Decline”. That’s okay! You’ll get another piece of content, from a different writer, for free.

And, repeat! But here’s the key:

The BlogMutt system is designed to get smarter over time with feedback from you, positive or negative.

  • When you rate posts and give feedback, it’s visible to other writers who write for you, so they’ll learn what you’re looking for, and what you’re not.
  • “Prefer” writers whose content is a great fit, they’ll write more for you, and can suggest topics to you.
  • Over time, your personal crowd of writers will understand the content you’re looking for better and better, making the process of content creation with BlogMutt easier over time.

Our goal is to build a content generation machine for you.

  1. A machine that produces outstanding content.
  2. A machine that gets better, and easier to use, the more you use it.
  3. A machine that’s reliable. A small team of freelancers makes content reliable and adds variety and choice.
  4. A machine that takes the hassle out of freelancer management. No more time sunk on paperwork and payment issues associated with managing freelancers one-off.
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