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You wouldn't hire a contractor for your house without getting acquainted first. 

Same goes for professional blog writers.
So, we'll introduce you.

BlogMutt will introduce you

When you get 3,000+ freelance blog writers together, the chances are pretty darn good that at least one has expertise in your industry or line of work. Since 2011, BlogMutt has been growing its crowd-powered solution to seamlessly connect you to content writers knowledgeable about your industry, as well as content writers to reliable writing opportunities they're passionate about.


Why does it pay to pick your blog content writers from a crowd? Let us count the ways.

  • A consistent influx of fresh ideas and perspectives 
  • A wide variety of tone and approaches
  • Time savings for your team - no writing or managing timelines, quicker turnaround on down-to-the-wire pieces
  • Extensive geographic coverage for local business needs
  • Leaves writing to the professionals and you to run your business or agency

They hail from different corners of the U.S. and cover slews of industries. And they're eager and ready to work with you!



Charlene B.

Location: Norcross, GA

Industry specialties: Marketing, blogging, business, IT

Notable certifications: HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Number of posts sold: 661

Charlene says: "I stick with clients who are typically B2B brands and desire to educate their audience in these key areas. My goal as a content creator is to help position each client as a credible source in their industry. When I’m writing, I’m thinking to myself, 'how can I WOW their audience? What is fresh and working today in online marketing that their customers can apply to their businesses and achieve results?'"

BlogMutt customers say: "Ok. If you're going to write like this, I am going to have a very hard time prioritizing which post comes first. You hit the nail on the head and outlined a very commonly written about process, but gave the real details someone needs to be able to execute themselves. This is EXACTLY what I am looking for. "

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Tony G.

Location: Loveland, CO

Industry specialties: Sales, recruiting, business, real estate

Number of posts sold: 755

Tony says: "I have 15 years experience in real estate, chaired the Association Ethics Committee for 10 years and trained other realtors. [I've] written extensively on this and other sites, for real estate companies, title agents, and real estate attorneys. I have also written a fair bit about real estate developments, investment opportunities, etc. in overseas locations. [...] By the time you get to 70, you know a fair bit about quite a lot, so I rarely start from scratch when it comes to research. I do, however, avoid topics where I believe others are expert and I’m a novice."

BlogMutt customers say: "Great job, as always! Really appreciate your posts and the time and effort you take to write them. They are always very knowledgeable and include great tips for our readers. Perfect length too. Thanks again!"

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Kary V.

Location: Louisville, KY

Industry specialties: Professional services, healthcare, consulting

Notable certifications: Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, International Commerce Specialist

Number of posts sold: 628

Kary says: "I greatly enjoy serving as Director of International Sales for DRE Medical. My expertise in healthcare and device sales enables me to provide BlogMutt customers across the globe with content related to professional services, healthcare, and e-commerce industries."

BlogMutt customers say: "KARY, today you are my MVP. Thank you for hitting all the points I asked for and making an entertaining, easy to understand, and thorough post. This just made my day/week/month/life a little better and brighter."


Ruth B.

Location: Port St. Lucie, FL

Industry specialties: "Everything! Home/garden, e-commerce...I write for companies that produce practical, high-quality products used by everyday people."

Number of posts sold: 1,094

Ruth says: "[I write for BlogMutt] because I love life, I enjoy highlighting products and services that help people as they do their work, accomplish their goals, serve others, and enjoy quality time with their loved ones."

BlogMutt customers say: "Love this!! Clever points and wraps up with a perfect tie-in to how we solve this problem. Stellar!"

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Dan B.

Location: Hartford, WI

Industry specialties: Construction, technology, sustainability, manufacturing, DIY

Number of posts sold: 1,561

Dan says: "I began to write for BlogMutt shortly after its inception. My preferred industries include but are certainly not limited to technological innovation, sustainability, construction, manufacturing, real estate, law and transportation. Areas of concentration emerge from divergent aspects of my formal education, interests and life experience. I’m conversant with the concepts native to many different industries and disciplines. For example, in a week’s time I wrote for a firm marketing high-end Manhattan condos and for a former president of the American Trial Lawyers Association. On the lighter side, I welcome almost any opportunity to write about professional football, basketball and golf."

BlogMutt customers say: "[Dan] is one of my go-to writers. I need content about complex construction products and [he] knows how to make it understandable to the layman. He also is great at not doing the hard sell but first describing a problem and solutions that naturally leads the reader to consider our products. This helps our SEO and has led to higher readership rates."


Pamela S.

Location: Warrior, AL

Industry specialties: Technical (IT, biotech), medical, marketing

Notable certifications: HubSpot Inbound Marketing 

Number of posts sold: 185

Pamela says: "When I retired from a 23-year nursing career to write full-time, I imagined that I would find my niche in writing medical content. I discovered, however, that I am a technical writer. While it may not be obvious to everyone, I can tell you there are quite a few similarities between nursing and content writing. To be good at either, you must have empathy and a desire to serve. The same gratification I once derived from educating my patients and peers, I now feel when I transform complex subject matter into crystal-clear content that is a delight to read. I love getting into the headspace of a target persona and writing in a way that addresses their precise needs. And always, my ultimate goal is to help clients achieve theirs."

BlogMutt customers say: "Phenomenal post with very high-quality research and observations. Great job on this! Surpassed my expectations. Thank you Pamela!"


Jackie M.

Location: Parma Heights, OH

Industry specialties: Real estate, law, veterinary medicine

Number of posts sold: 2,834

Jackie says: "I'm interested in learning about the many cities across the United States, and using what I learn to create unique blog and website content for my customers."

BlogMutt customers say: "This is great! Lots of great info and a professional, yet friendly tone. I love the touch of humor at the end (snoring in front of the fireplace). If you write for me again (hope you do), humor is always welcome!"


Bret W.

Location: Manhattan, KS

Industry specialties: Business/finance, construction, home improvement, marketing, arts

Number of posts sold: 239

Bret says: "With a background in journalism and having been a business owner for more than 10 years, I approach business and finance writing with the idea of making complex issues understandable for a broad audience. I also have consulted with many entrepreneurs as they started their businesses, so I recognize the hurdles and challenges they face."

BlogMutt customers say: "Great article using our work example. I feel very comfortable sharing this with our followers. The tone is good, the information is good, and I was able to key word it very easily. Thanks!"

Talented content writers make for happy customers, turns out:

  • "Great article, thank you. I like that your technical writing keeps the tech speak audience in mind. This is helpful for [our agency] and our other clients as well."

  • "I really enjoyed reading this article! Thank you for writing the various benefits associated with using a property management team. It is great advertising and in general, this is a very interesting article! Thank you!!!"

  • "...Really great piece. Love the tone, pacing & edgy style - making it highly readable. Also appreciate the sociology / human aspects you weave in. Thank you!"

  • "Thank you so much for the speedy and exceptionally well-written article! I like how you incorporated the data and research, and the flow from informational to subtle product pitch is great."