Freelance Writer Opportunity

If you are a freelance writer, here's a whole new breed of an opportunity.

Blogmutt serves businesses who have websites with blogs, and the people there just don't have the time or writing talent to fill up that blog themselves.

Our system is more straightforward than any of the content farms:

  1. You write posts for businesses.
  2. If they like and use those posts then you get paid.

The customers get their pick of posts, but they have an ongoing need for original content, so even if your post doesn't get used the first week, most posts eventually get picked. Our acceptance rate right now is at about 90 percent.

We also give you tools so you will have the best opportunity to write posts that our customers will love.

Within the Blogmutt platform we have a point system. You earn points for posting, for posts that get picked and for a variety of other internal goals. As you earn points you move up in levels. At certain levels you earn status, such as an exclusive, invite-only LinkedIn honor for success as a professional writer. At higher levels you'll become part of an elite group of writers that gets access to higher-paying work.

So if all that sounds good to you, read this blog post and fill out the application that's linked to in that post.